About Us

Battery Wholesale Inc. has had to make many changes throughout the years to keep its completive edge on the market, which is one of the reasons for opening its retail stores. It also has had to change with the technologies from lead acid, sealed, AGM, lithium and much more. With having to purchase all of these different products and keeping a competitive edge on the market, BWI has joined some of the largest battery buying groups in the United States. These buying groups allow BWI to purchase at the same price level as many big box stores.

BWI now offers batteries for all your different battery needs, and if we don't stock it, we can get it!

With opening Battery Wholesale Inc. Outlet stores it has made BWI more competitive in the end user market. BWI has made great advancement in new customers through the stores such as school, city garages, and with many small businesses in the surrounding area. With the stores being located throughout the state it has advanced the wholesale division’s foot print and service. The wholesale customers are more than welcome to pick their product from the retail stores and still receive their wholesale pricing.

Battery Wholesale Inc. has become a major recycler in the local area for scrap batteries. BWI in 2011 recycled 3.1 million pounds of scrap batteries. The batteries are picked up throughout the state and sent back to a US smelter to make sure they processed properly according to US EPA laws.

The goals of the company are to expand the retail stores locations while expanding on the wholesale business.