Deep-Cycle Batteries

Golf Cart Batteries

Battery Wholesale Inc. knows their is nothing like a relaxing day on the coarse. That is why we carry top of the line golf cart batteries to fit all your needs. Check out our selection and get yours ordered today!

Trojan Batteries

Trojan Deep-Cycle Batteries are one of the best batteries on the market. These batteries are used in many applications from renewable energy, Marine/RV to golf carts. Check out these batteries and get turned on today.

Boat/RV Batteries

In Minnesota we love our outdoor activities, so it is important to have a good Boat/RV battery. At Battery Wholesale Inc. we are here to take care of your needs. Check out our line of Boat and RV batteries today.

Crown Batteries

From fishing to golfing Crown batteries have the power to operate whatever you need them too. Check out our selection of Crown Batteries Today.

Lifeline Batteries

At Battery Wholesale Inc. we find it important to make sure that we can provide our customers with the best quality batteries on the market. Check out the Lifeline Marine/RV Battery line it is the perfect solution for your Marine and RV needs and we will get you the battery shipped directly from the manufacture to ensure that it is the freshest battery possible.

SunXtender Batteries

SunXtender deep-cycle AGM batteries are a great way to go green. Check out their line of leading green energy batteries that are available. We will order these batteries directly from the company and we will ship them to you fresh from the factory and fully charged.

Check out this video on selecting the right marine battery!